Inspired by the Founder's Dad (a true rock and roller)  DJ, a statement piece that transcends boundaries of style and gender. Crafted from sterling silver, this sleek and thick minimalist ring exudes an aura of sophistication. Its timeless design makes it perfect for those who appreciate bold aesthetics and desire a signature accessory that defines their unique style.

Available in a range of semi-precious gemstones including Blue Topaz, Turquoise, Moonstone, Purple Amethyst, Smokey Quartz, and Dark Citrine, DJ offers versatility to complement any outfit or mood. Whether you're looking to add a pop of color or prefer the subtle elegance of a neutral stone, there's a DJ ring to suit your preference.

Designed to be worn every day, DJ is not just an accessory but a symbol of self-expression. Its refined craftsmanship and enduring appeal make it a staple in your jewellery collection, effortlessly elevating any ensemble with its understated glamour. Embrace the bold and make a statement with DJ, the epitome of style and individuality.