1. What took you to the Cayman Islands? I was incredibly fortunate to be able to go to Grand Cayman as it was a performance thank you trip for my husband from his employer. Trip of a lifetime - how spoilt are we?! Very strategic of them as the significant partner i.e. moi, now has a taste of the reward should their partner over achieve. It worked!
  2. What do you like about it? The sun, the heat, the service, the people. Gosh it was truly incredible. Mind you a very long way to travel (36 hours there) but so worth it. The water was like nothing I've seen - bright, crystal clear turquoise water and such a beautiful temperature. The whole island is magnificent and the local people respect their home. They know that their existence is based on people praising their time spent in the Cayman Islands - beautiful friendly people.
  3. What is your favourite thing to do in the CI? Honestly - cocktails by the pool or ocean with my hubby. It was like our second honeymoon and in fact it became our 10 year wedding anniversary celebration. We hadn't been able to get away due to Covid and other reasons, so to be able to celebrate like this, we are incredibly grateful.
  4. What is your favourite Cadman Rock piece? Oooh that is a hard one as I'm in love with many pieces from Cadman Rock's collection. But if I have to choose my absolute favourite right now I would say it's the Blue Topaz DJ Ring. It's probably because the stone transports me back to Grand Cayman ❤️ I took another favourite with me and wore it at every opportunity - much to the admiration of others.
    5. Who bought it for you? My gorgeous husband knows I love chunky beautiful pieces of jewellery. So when we discovered Cadman Rock, he knew I'd found my ring mecca. Can't wait to see what the team at Cadman Rock release next!