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At Cadman Rock we are thrilled to share our exciting journey in New Zealand's most prestigious fashion magazine, Fashion Quarterly Winter Issue 2023 ! 

Being featured in the coveted as a New Zealand Fashion Jewellery brand in this winter issue is a remarkable achievement that fills us with pride and joy.

We'll explore the significance of this inclusion, the allure of the winter issue, and why we love being a part of this celebrated tradition alongside well-loved brands as we all prepare to dazzle in the holiday season.



5 Reasons we LOVE being a Fashion Jewellery brand in Fashion Quarterly

1. The Prestige of Fashion Quarterly

As a beacon of style and trends in New Zealand for decades, getting featured in Fashion Quarterly's pages is akin to stepping onto the grand stage of the fashion world in this part of the world. For us at Cadman Rock, this recognition serves as a testament to our commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and style.

It's a nod to our dedication to providing ethical handcrafted high quality gemstones with sterling silver jewellery that's not just beautiful but also timeless.

2. The Winter Issue: A Coveted Gem

In the world of fashion, Fashion Quarterly's winter issue shines as a coveted gem in the publication's lineup and the biggest issue. As the holiday season approaches, it transforms into a go-to guide for fashion-conscious readers seeking the latest trends and gift-giving inspiration.

For Cadman Rock, being featured in this iconic edition presents a unique opportunity to showcase our artisan sterling silver and semi precious gemstone jewellery collections, characterized by unique designs and inspired by a Joie de vivre
travel aesthetics, making it a perfect gift-giving resource. 

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cadman rock and fashion quarterly


3. Sharing the Spotlight

pink quartz silver ring What makes the winter issue of Fashion Quarterly truly special is the chance to share the spotlight with other renowned fashion brands. These brands are synonymous with style and elegance, and we feel honored to be featured alongside them. This camaraderie allows us to tell our story and present our creations to a broader audience of fashion-forward individuals who turn to Fashion Quarterly for guidance during the gift-giving season. 


4. The Perfect Xmas Gift!

Selecting high-quality jewellery as a special, enduring Christmas gift is a wise choice, often overlooked for its hidden value that appreciates over time.

These exquisite pieces aren't just a display of exceptional craftsmanship; they evolve into treasured heirlooms, holding immense sentimental worth. What many don't realize is that their enduring charm and timeless allure make them investments that increase in value. See this ring here. silver ring gift

Whether it's an exquisite high quality semi-precious gemstone ring or handcrafted woven bracelet, high-quality jewellery offers both immediate delight and the potential for financial growth in precious metals and gemstones making it an intelligent and heartfelt choice for a holiday gift with lasting value.

5. Endorsement by Industry Experts

Being included in Fashion Quarterly's issue is a true compliment because it signifies an endorsement by industry experts and trendsetters.
 gemstone and silver fashion rings

The magazine's editorial team possesses a keen eye for fashion, selecting only the most exceptional and stylish brands to feature. This validation from experts in the field is a testament to the quality and appeal of our jewellery, adding an extra layer of prestige to our brand and affirming our position as a leader in the world of fashion jewellery.

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