black onyx ring

The name comes from the Greek onyx, meaning “nail” or “claw”, referring to the minerals colour, and it was used by the Romans for a variety of stones including alabaster, chalcedony, and onyx marble. Black onyx is a protective stone, and has good vibrations of strength and willpower to the wearer.

Onyx has captivated the imaginations of many minds over the centuries for its mysterious blacks and whites that continue to play an important part of modern society due to their symbolism and perceived properties. Many believed in its dark power of dampening sexual urges and demonic power as a form of protection. Others use onyx and jet to remember passed loved ones during the Victorian era. Perhaps a token of safe passage.  black onyx jewellery

 Even the celebrated Amber Room of St. Petersburg, Russia, globally revered, contained mosaics made from marble and onyx. The Ancient Greeks and Romans also carved stunning cameos from onyx and sardonyx. 

 black onyx bracelet Black Onyx is a captivating and powerful color that holds deep spiritual significance. It is associated with supernatural energies, wisdom, profound knowledge, fertility, purity of spirit, and the vital aspects of protection, cleansing, and detoxification. In the realm of spirituality, black symbolizes the beautiful cycle of life and death, where every ending paves the way for new beginnings and revitalized energies.

Just as charcoal effectively absorbs toxins, black crystals possess the ability to absorb negative energies and offer unparalleled protection. Black Onyx, in particular, empowers the wearer to embrace the future with unwavering confidence, as it signifies the closing of chapters and the emergence of fresh, transformative energies.

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